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Five books that will make you an expert on

plant-based nutrition 

T. Colin Campbell and Thomas Campbell 

Why is this #1 book on my list? The nutritional recommendations are based on one of the largest studies on nutrition ever conducted! The China Study is a solid 417 pages crammed with research studies and nutrition facts. Easily one of the most influential pieces of nutrition literature of our time, The China Study investigates the cause and effect relationship between the chronic disease epidemic and the consumption of animal foods. The authors address the issue of powerful lobbies and opportunistic parties that cause intentional nutritional confusion for the public. The China Study is a great book to start with if you are not yet convinced of the benefits of a plant-based diet! 

Michael Greger

This book is EPIC. How Not to Die is a manual for reversing chronic disease. If you’re interested in learning about the cancer fighting abilities of broccoli or the cholesterol lowering effects of brazil nuts, this book should be at the top of your list. The brilliant and endearingly sarcastic Dr. Michael Greger lays out the facts about which foods will make you live longer and which foods are toxic for your body. This book is full or practical, easily adopted advice based on scientific, peer-reviewed studies. If you want more of the irresistibly charming Dr. Greger check out the video series on his website, NutritionFacts.Org.  

Garth Davis

According to Dr. Garth Davis protein is not the answer. In fact, it's the problem. In this book, Davis dispels the myths that have been perpetuated by society. High protein diets loaded with animal products are often the go-to weight loss diet, but animal protein intake is also associated with the development of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. And carbs? It turns out that carbs are the answer to your weight loss problems. If you’re a certified “proteinaholic,” Davis will make recovery a clear, simple process that will change your life forever.

Dr. John McDougall tackles the courageous question that continues to stump society; what is the healthiest diet on the planet? A long-time pioneer of the high carb-low protein movement, McDougall provides scientific evidence for the diet that both prevents and protects against life-threatening diseases. McDougall reviews the few isolated populations of people that still thrive on this diet. This book is a celebration of the healthiest food on earth. 

Dr. Hiromi Shinya

I picked up the Enzyme Factor as per a friend's recommendation. This short read turned out to be pure gold. The author, Dr. Hiromi Shinya, believes the body's ability to produce enzymes to be the key to true health. After 45 years and 300,000 patient examinations, Shinya knows exactly what we need to do stay healthy. Shinya explains that most of the chronic diseases we see today is related to the health of the gastrointestinal tract. Disease does in fact start in the gut. This groundbreaking book opened my eyes to the art of healing through the digestive tract. 

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Five books that will change your mind about the animal agriculture industry

Peter Singer

Humanity has made real progress in the past 100 years concerning human rights and equality. As a society we’ve decided that despite race, religious or sex, every individual deserves to be treated equally. Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation makes the case that we should extend the principle of equality to nonhuman animals- in fact all living beings. And let me tell you, his case for equality for all beings is profoundly logical and persuasive. Singer focuses on two issues- animal testing experimentation and raising animals for consumption. Singer argues that if an animal has the ability to feel pain then the interests of that animal must be considered. So if you’re ready to start acknowledging the rights of animals, and not just your pet dog, pick up this classic.  

Jonathan Foer

In Eating Animals author, Jonathan Foer, explores what it means to consume animals in the 21st century. This book is not just another book about the horrors of animal agriculture; Foer ways the pros and cons of feeding animal products to his newborn child; can it be justified? While you might guess as to what conclusions he comes to, his views regarding the consumption of meat in the age of civilized society and industrialization is rather objective. Foer recounts stories about the process by which meat winds up on our plate; the book includes letters from farmers, activists, and industry insiders. If you can’t find the time to read this gem you can wait for the documentary version to be released, directed by superstars, Christopher Quinn and Natalie Portman. 

Rachel Carson

One of the greatest and most controversial science books of all time, Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring marked the start of the worldwide environmental movement of the 1960’s. Carson explores the detrimental effects that humans have on the planet, specifically addressing the environmental problems that are caused by synthetic pesticides. Carson accuses the chemical industry of lying to public officials about the safety of agricultural chemicals, which spurred a nationwide ban on DDT. While this book faced fierce criticism by the chemical companies, this book energized environmentalists, politicians, reformers and farmers to join the grassroots environmental uprising. This classic just may inspire the compassionate environmentalist in you to eat for the planet. 

Anne Lappe

40 years after her mother, Frances Moore Lappe reveals the hidden environmental costs of our food system and how can create change with our forks. In Diet for a Hot Planet, Lappe explains the type of diet that is necessary to heal the planet in a time of crisis. From polluting industrialized farms to cutting down rainforests for palm oil production, our food system is more taxing on the environment than the entire transportation industry combined. Lappe urges society to take a stand and commit to a diet that replenishes the planet. Her inspiring book reminds us that a discussion about climate change is not complete without a discussion about the food on our plates. 

Melanie Joy

As a society, Americans are raised to believe that eating meat is natural, normal, and necessary. Is meat, in fact, required for our survival or are we being doped? Melanie Joy, a social psychologist, examines the psychology of eating meat, appropriately coining this belief system “carnism”. Joy argues that though most individuals have compassion for animals and prefer to avoid hurting animals, human behavior does not much these values. Through this denial, individuals justify eating animals- animals that do not act much differently than our own pets. Joy’s book allows us to address our psychic numbness towards killing animals for sport and taste, creating a more compassionate and less hypocritical human race. 

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Five must-have plant-based cookbooks for

your kitchen

Michael Greger M.D.

From Michael Greger, M.D., FACLM, the physician behind the trusted and wildly popular website, and author of the New York Times bestselling book How Not to Die, comes a beautifully-designed, comprehensive cookbook complete with more than 120 recipes for delicious, life-saving, plant-based meals, snacks, and beverages.

Dr. Michael Greger’s first traditionally published book, How Not to Die, presented the scientific evidence behind the only diet that can prevent and reverse many of the causes of premature death and disability. Now, The How Not to Die Cookbook puts that science into action. From Superfood Breakfast Bites to Spaghetti Squash Puttanesca to Two-Berry Pie with Pecan-Sunflower Crust, every recipe in The How Not to Die Cookbook offers a delectable, easy-to-prepare, plant-based dish to help anyone eat their way to better health.

Rooted in the latest nutrition science, these easy-to-follow, stunningly photographed recipes will appeal to anyone looking to live a longer, healthier life. Featuring Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen―the best ingredients to add years to your life―The How Not to Die Cookbook is destined to become an essential tool in healthy kitchens everywhere.

Dana Shultz

The highly anticipated cookbook from the immensely popular food blog Minimalist Baker, featuring 101 all-new simple, vegan recipes that all require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl or 1 pot, or 30 minutes or less to prepare
Dana Shultz founded the Minimalist Baker blog in 2012 to share her passion for simple cooking and quickly gained a devoted worldwide following. Now, in this long-awaited debut cookbook, Dana shares 101 vibrant, simple recipes that are entirely plant-based, mostly gluten-free, and 100% delicious. Packed with gorgeous photography, this practical but inspiring cookbook includes: 

   • Recipes that each require 10 ingredients or less, can be made in one bowl, or require 30 minutes or less to prepare. 
   • Delicious options for hearty entrées, easy sides, nourishing breakfasts, and decadent desserts—all on the table in a snap 
   • Essential plant-based pantry and equipment tips 
   • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes with standard and metric ingredient measurements 

Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking is a totally no-fuss approach to cooking for anyone who loves delicious food that happens to be healthy too.

Ann Crile Esselstyn, Jane Esselstyn

Hundreds of thousands of readers have been inspired to turn their lives around by Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn’s Jr.’s bestseller, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. The plant-based nutrition plan Dr. Esselstyn advocates based on his twenty-year nutritional study—the most comprehensive of its kind—is proven to stop and reverse even advanced coronary disease, and is built on the message the Esselstyn family has lived by for years: Your health is truly in your own hands, and what you eat matters.

Mother-daughter team Ann and Jane Esselstyn have decades of experience developing delicious, healthful recipes for both their family and Dr. Esselstyn’s many grateful patients. Now, they combine their expertise to offer you the cookbook companion to Dr. Esselstyn’s groundbreaking book, with more than 125 easy and mouthwatering recipes, brimming with nourishment for your heart and your overall health. From their quick and easy meals like Fast Pasta and Greens and delicious “Sloppy Joes” to their indulgent desserts like their signature Kale Cake and Minty Frozen Chocolate Balls, these recipes will empower you to reclaim your health and discover the pleasures of eating plant-based.

LeAnne Campbell

With 2 million copies sold, The China Study has been hailed as one of the most important health and nutrition books ever published. It reveals that a whole foods, plant-based diet is the best way to stop widespread growth of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

This new edition of the bestselling China Study Cookbook puts the groundbreaking scientific findings of The China Study on your plate. Written by LeAnne Campbell, daughter of The China Study coauthor T. Colin Campbell, The China Study Cookbook is now expanded to feature even more delicious, easy-to-prepare plant-based recipes—with no added fat and minimal sugar and salt.

All of LeAnne’s recipes follow three important principles: 1) optimal nutrition is based on eating foods, not taking supplements; 2) the closer foods are to their native states when eaten, the greater their long-term health benefits; and 3) choosing locally grown organic produce whenever possible maximizes nutritional value.

Inside, discover time-tested favorites and brand-new dishes:

  • Almond-Topped Blueberry Coffee Cake

  • Ensalada Azteca

  • Green Banana Cassava Soup

  • Peanut Butter Bars

  • Cassava (Yuca) con Cebollas

  • Black Bean Chipotle Burgers

  • Sweet Potato Enchiladas

  • Passion Fruit Bliss Cheese(less) Cake Delight

LeAnne invites you into her kitchen to share the recipes she uses to nourish her own family. She also offers a look inside her organization, Global Roots, which strives to create sustainable communities around the globe through whole foods, plant-based eating.

Filled with tips on substitutions and keeping foods nutrient-rich, The China Study Cookbook shows you how to transform your health and the health of your entire family—along with contributing to the health of your community and the world—all while enjoying incredible meals.

Dustin Harder

Forget about vegan cookbooks that require specialty ingredients and leave you unsatisfied. The Simply Vegan Cookbook takes vegan cooking to the tastiest level with easy, delicious recipes that are fun to make and a delight to eat. Creator and host of The Vegan Roadie, Dustin Harder has travelled over 110,000 miles―and visited every grocery store along the way― to find out which vegan foods are (and are not) accessible. Taking this into account, The Simply Vegan Cookbook provides healthful, balanced vegan meals using easy-to-find, affordable vegan ingredients.

From greens and beans to grains and mains, The Simply Vegan Cookbook is the most comprehensive of vegan cookbooks to date. This vegan cookbook offers:

  • 150 recipes with two variations each, resulting in a total of 450 recipes

  • No more than 30 minutes of active time prep time per recipe

  • Cooking tutorials improve your skills for making vegan staples

The Simply Vegan Cookbook gives home cooks what other vegan cookbooks don’t―vegan recipes that save time, money, and your sanity.

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Five plant-based magazines to subscribe to

Obsessed with all things veg? Become a fan of VegNews for the latest vegan news, recipes, giveaways, and more!

The world's largest vegan media brand, VegNews serves up the latest in news, recipes, interviews, travel, products, cookbooks, and more through its flagship magazine and award-winning digital properties. 

THRIVE Magazine is the #1 print plant-based food & lifestyle publication in the United States, featuring more than 100 vegan recipe ideas each issue, health and wellness, gluten-free and paleo meals, cruelty-free beauty products, natural skincare, and ethical fashion.

The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and veganism and the interrelated issues of health, nutrition, ecology, ethics, and world hunger. In addition to publishing the Vegetarian Journal, VRG produces and sells cookbooks, other books, pamphlets, and article reprints.

Our health professionals, activists, and educators work with businesses and individuals to bring about healthy changes in your school, workplace, and community. Registered dietitians and physicians aid in the development of nutrition related publications and answer member or media questions about the vegetarian and vegan diet. The Vegetarian Resource Group is a non-profit organization. Financial support comes primarily from memberships, contributions, and book sales.

VegWorld is an interactive electronic magazine dedicated to inspiring, entertaining and educating reads about plant-based living. Most issues include a spotlight on an interesting or well-known vegan, many recipes, information for new vegans and health-related articles. 

Through Barefoot Vegan our aim is to promote a healing journey that when combined with a vegan lifestyle and close connection with nature, transforms life into an experience that is fair, fun and happy. The goal is to make a difference in people’s lives and to raise awareness of the choices we have.

We can choose to go against the conditioning of our society and choose to base our thoughts and actions on love instead of fear, compassion over suspicion, passion over indifference. There are small things that we can do in our everyday lives to take back our health, our mental and physical well being, to protect the animals that we share this planet with and to stop the pollution and pillaging of our home by corporations with short-term views who are only in it for the money.

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