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Plant-based Therapy for Individuals with Diabetes

A plant-based diet is a powerful tool for preventing and reversing diabetes. Plant-based diets have been shown to control blood sugar three times more effectively than a traditional diabetes diet that limits calories and carbohydrates.

Within weeks on a plant-based diet, people see dramatic health improvements, like weight loss, improved blood glucose control, improved insulin sensitivity, reduction in medication use, and reduced cholesterol levels. In some cases, you would never know they’d have diabetes to begin with.


Due to it’s effectiveness, plant-based diets are rapidly becoming the new approach to treating diabetes. The plant-based therapy program for diabetes will help you effectively and safely implement a plant-based diet. You’ll meet with a registered dietitian who specializes in plant-based nutrition. We’ll will work with you one-on-one to create a personalized plan that works with your lifestyle and your family.

As a reminder, health insurance covers nutrition counseling. Cigna typically covers 3 nutrition sessions with the opportunity to appeal for additional sessions.



During the program you'll discuss: 

  • Favoring low-GI foods to prevent blood glucose spikes

  • How to improve blood sugar with timely eating

  • Reducing saturated fat intake to improve insulin sensitivity

  • How to reach fiber intake goals

  • Volume eating for weight loss

  • Working with your doctor to reduce medication/ insulin dosage

  • Preparing easy meals that are nutritionally dense and satisfying

  • Nutrition supplements to support a plant-based diet

To schedule a nutrition session please click here to submit a contact form. 


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