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Turmeric Lemonade Tonic

Description: A powerful, anti-inflammatory tonic that boosts the immune system and fights fatigue. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 10.01.43

Servings: 2

Category: Smoothies

Author: Iraina Rosenthal-Tawil

Cuisine: Vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy free


  • 1 organic lemons, juiced

  • 1 organic orange, juiced

  • 2 apples, juiced

  • ¾ tsp powdered turmeric or 1 inch knob fresh turmeric 

  • 1 inch knob ginger 

Directions: ​​

  1. Juice lemon and orange using a lemon squeezer. 

  2.  Juice 2 apples using a juicer. 

  3. Add all ingredients to a blender (or large mason jar) and blend (or stir), until well combined. 

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